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Special Event with Susan Murphy: Life is a Presentation. Make Yours Great!

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Nobody knows presentations and interviews in the world of AEC like Susan Murphy. This session uses the best of her extensive experience and knowledge and breaks that down for you to practice in the here and now. Susan doesn’t play games; you won’t practice “acting.” She gives you concrete professional information and shows you how to use it immediately.

This high-spirited and fun program begins with helping you figure out what should go into your presentation or interview. What information will get that desired client or audience to respond to your ideas. From colleagues to clients, you will learn how to communicate for results.

The sessions proceed showing you how to back up your intellectual bait with the physical skills that make you look as smart, experienced and professional as you are. You will also learn how to coach your teams.

This is not a lecture program. Susan puts you to work and guides you in practicing proven skills in your own way. This is not personality dependent. You will leave these sessions with a new awareness of your skills as well as some newfound approaches to landing the big one, as well as how to coach your colleagues. You will also have a terrific time.


This will teach you how to get anyone, even the most reluctant, to share information and will show you how to incorporate what the other tells you into your own content. This is vital for interviews and works just as well in networking and daily communications.

You will learn:


This will teach you how to showcase your talents, whether you are talking one on one, or presenting on behalf of your firm to bring in business. You will learn:

About Susan Murphy:

Susan has in-depth knowledge and experience in the AEC industry. She has spent the last twenty-nine years helping architects, engineers and construction firms hone their presentation and interview skills. 

Murphy, as most know her, has had a mapquest worthy career path. In high school and college, she worked in retail and as a fashion coordinator, went on to teach high school English, moved to the travel industry, where she began as an international tour director and ended as Director of Travel Industry Marketing for Club Med.

A career change found Susan at Communispond, the world’s leading communication skills consultant at the time, and fate led her to a SMPS National Conference, where she filled in for a cancelled speaker and was smitten by the industry.

Susan founded Murphy Motivation and Training to focus on the AEC world and thinks she is the luckiest woman on the planet to have found her niche.

Susan  divides her time between Beaufort, SC and Bozouls, France.  When she isn’t teaching, coaching or writing, she hikes with her husband, Ullrich Klamm, and her rescue boyfriends, Puppy Boy Frankie, and Jean Jacques, the French Orphan cat. None of them is very impressed with her training abilities.

Susan also writes an advice column “Aunt Bossy: Dear Abby on Steroids” which can be found in the “Lowcountry Weekly.”  

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Event Location

City Club of Cleveland
850 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
When: 7:30 am - 10:30 am

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